Paddles up! The Lambton Shores Dragon Boat Club was formed in 2009 as an extracurricular high school team at North Lambton Secondary School. Since then, the club has captured the heart of the community. With two junior teams and three adult squads, the Lambton Shores Dragon Boat Club promotes fun and fitness through teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition.

Try your hand at paddling – the Lambton Shores Dragon Boat Club always welcomes new members.


We would like to thank our Platinum Sponsors for their continued support.


High Performance Paddle Clinic

The Raging Dragons are looking to see if anyone is interested in joining them in Pickering, ON for a paddle clinic on March 22, 2021. The cost is $35 and they must know by March 14 to confirm your spot. The times available are: 11:20am and 2:00pm. If you are interested contact Mike at rdock@cogeco.ca.

Each session will be roughly 140 minutes and consists of paddle practice while being videotaped. After the paddle, each athlete will receive a detailed breakdown of their technique followed by another paddle to practice and improve.

Here is the refund policy in case anyone is hesitant to join due to ever-changing policies from COVID. Regarding refunds – we currently have a COVID-19 refund policy in place which guarantees 100% refunds for any bookings that are canceled due to COVID-19 closures. If the government were to shut us down again or if your team made a decision not to come due to travel restrictions or other COVID issues, this refund would apply. The only time there would be a penalty to athletes would be if our facility was permitted to be open and your team make the decision to come, but had individuals cancel at the last minute (less than 72 hours prior to the sessions). These athletes would only receive 50% of their money in return.