Season Startup Up

Hi everyone!
It looks like we will be starting our season on WEDNESDAY, MAY 3RD. So Super Strokers and Bolting Turtles will hit the water first this year.
We need to get out the two big boats first though and we need some help!
If you can make it to 2599 Katesville Rd near Kerwood on Wednesday at 430, we need you! The small boat needs to be picked up and moved so we can take the two big boats out. That means we need some help! Please let me know if you can come. No help, no paddling.
Thanks to Barry Arnott who is coming to take one of the boats to his place for the Long and Hard Practices until May 23rd when we can leave it at the marina!!

Monday – practices at 530 for Juniors
Tuesday – practices at 630 for Long and Hards and Dirty Oars –
Wednesday – Juniors 530 and Bolting Turtles at 7

If you have a life jacket, please bring it. We do have some for those of you who don’t have your own. Also if you have your own paddle, bring it along as well, but again, we do have some available.
It is advisable to dress in layers as it may be chillier at the marina than at home. Bring a towel and dry clothes and shoes for after. You WILL get wet.
Bring a water bottle and a hat !

On TUESDAY, May 16 – we as a club, have been invited to Fanshawe Lake for a practice paddle from 630 – 730 and then a meet and greet with Chloe Greenlaugh from Dragon Boat Canada. This is a pretty big deal and we would love to have as many people from our club there as possible. There will be drinks and snacks available after for everyone. done at 830.

First races:
Sunday May 28th – the ladies will be at Heart Lake and the kids at St. Marys. Looking for drivers to take the boats and equipment to St. Marys. Thx! (Volunteer Hours for this one!)
Saturday, June 3 – Wallaceburg

Travel race: Dubuque Iowa – Sept. 7 – 11. We will be having a meeting for anyone interested in going to this race at 630 on Wednesday, May 24th at the pavilion at the marina. Please bring a cheque for $250 with you for any paddlers who are planning to go. We need to book rooms and the bus asap. Thx. This trip is for adults and juniors who want to race on the Mississippi.

Junior Race Dates:
Sunday May 28 – Wildwood Conservation Area – St. Marys
Saturday, June 3 – Wallaceburg
Saturday, July 29 – Guelph
Thurs – Sun August 3 – 6 – Welland (or Friday morning by 8am)
AUG race – TBD
Thurs – Monday Sept. 7-11 Dubuque Iowa

Adult Races:
Check with your team manager:

Long and Hards – Aaron Cassidy
Dirty Oars – Connie Stephenson
Bolting Turtles – Jen Veeke
Super Strokers – Sandra White
– Cathy Johnson