Forest Fall Fair – Volunteers Required

Good morning everyone, our next volunteer effort is the Sunday of the Forest Fair, September 27th.  We have 24 shifts to fill in total, it would be best if you can work a complete shift and even better if you want to work 2 or 3 🙂

If you could simply e-mail me back ( ) with your preference I will keep the schedule updated and resend it to everyone.  The attachment is the rules for working the gates, who gets in free who doesn’t etc. please read them over so you have an understanding of the procedures.

The Fair Board is also running a ‘clinic’ on Tuesday evening this coming week at the Fair building in order to show everyone how to use the new cash registers.  They say they are very simple but just want to familiarize everyone with them.  The clinic runs from 7:00pm to 9:00pm but only takes a few minutes, the time frame is only to accommodate schedules.

The last point is that I have a Board meeting in New Brunswick the weekend of the Fair and will not be in town.  If anyone or a couple of people would like to be the ‘Point People’ for the day I am accepting volunteers for that as well.  Let me know.

This is a fairly simple way to make good money for the Club, we appreciate your efforts, thank you!

Glen Van Valkenburg



Forest Fall Fair Schedule 2015

Forest Fair- Gate Duties