Boot Hill Country Jamboree Information and Schedule

Boot Hill Country Jamboree,

15772 Turin Line

Bothwell On N0P 1C0

Vickie 519-918-0184 if you need to message me (I do not carry it around – it will be in my trailer)
1. When you enter you must stop at the trailer and let them know you are with the dragon boat team and sign in If your name is not on the schedule and you want it to be let me know or if you are replacing someone other wise DO NOT TRY TO ENTER UNLESS YOU PURCHASE A TICKET.

2. Once signed in follow the laneway towards the campers and as soon as you enter this area turn left and Mrs. J’s trailer will be there by the pine trees. Park there to meet your group.

3. This event is in a field so dress appropriately for that and weather. We will have bottled water and some snacks at her trailer as well as a hot water hand cleaning station.

4. We have volunteer shirts you will wear but they have to be turned in at the end of your shift because I go home each day and wash them.

5. Not sure how many cases of water have been collected. I have 2 so far but in this heat we will need a lot more. So if you are not helping please consider donating

6. Any questions please contact me at either my email of the number above. Your help to make this a success is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Vickie

Friday July 31 – 8 am – 1 pm Sunday Aug 2 – 8 am – 1 pm Column1
Selena Dirvan Ian Thrower
Wendy Dirven Karen Thrower
Tammy Walker Darlene Butler
Sheila Wilcox Joe Donkers
Jen Veeke Mary Donkers
Teresa Bakker Gary Keast
Julia Baker Cathy Keast
Billy Armstrong Riley Keast
full Steve Hendrickx
full Sunday August 2 – 5pm – 11 pm
Friday July 31 – 5 – 9 pm Ian Thrower
Alex Dymond Brian Veeke
Paul Veeke Karen Thrower
Margarita Weaver Kyle Cornelissen
Joseph Weaver Billy Armstrong
Emma Weaver Kevin Willemse
Josh Wilson Ryan Bakker
Mary Wilson Kent Bakker
Billy Armstrong Jamie App
full Kelly Rooney
full Dylan Rooney
Saturday August 1 – 8 am – 1 pm MONDAY Aug 3 – 7 AM – finished
Ian Thrower Ian Thrower
Karen Thrower Karen Thrower
Glen App Nancy Chevalier
Maddie Rose Darlene Butler
Jessica Curran Barry Arnott bringing small trailer
Vickie Armstrong Aaron Cassidy
Jamie Armstrong Glenn App
Donna McPhail Vickie Armstrong
Cathy Johnson Jamie Armstrong
Donna McPhail
Saturday August 1 – 5 – 9 pm Cathy Johnson
Ian Thrower
Karen Thrower
Glen App
Sherry McLeod
Todd Potter
Pamela Bartlett
Esther Bartlett
Hannah Bartlett
Billy Armstrong