What do you get when you mix a determined team of high school students with a creative teacher and a supportive community? Only the best darn dragon boat team this side of the Great Lakes!

While the teams might not practice in the school gym anymore, there’s still plenty of love for the paddlers in Lambton Shores. A community organization consisting of two junior teams (The Super Strokers) and three adult teams (the Long and Hard, the Dirty Oars and the Bolting Turtles), the Lambton Shores Dragon Boat Club (LSDBC) provides paddlers of all ages with unique learning and training opportunities.

Paddling together since 2009, the LSDBC competes in a number of local festivals and the occasional out of province competition thanks to the support of many local service clubs and corporate sponsors. Ambassadors both on and off the water, the LSDBC teams volunteer their time to help support local organizations and events in the community.

Ready to hit the water with the LSDBC? Contact the club today to learn more about our competitive teams and membership openings.

Paddles up!