Monthly Archives: August 2017

Canadian Rankings

The 2017 rankings are out for this year.  They are based on results from a number of races across Canada. The U18 mixed boat was 208 out of 323 (including adults) and the U16 even made the list at 323 (not bad considering it was only half full!) The Dirty Oars were 77 out of… Read more »

Boot Hill Jamboree 50/50 Winner

Winner of the 50/50 draw at Boot Hill this year is Don Lebel of Ilderton. His take home from the draw was $8302. Don donated $300 back which is very much appreciated. Thanks to the Breast Buddies and Raging Dragons for their help. Also  huge thanks to all our volunteers at Boot Hill!  Very successful weekend!

Boot Hill – Volunteers Needed

Hi All, We still need volunteers for the Boot Hill event. The yellow spaces in the spread sheet are the times that are not filled. We need you help as this is the biggest fund raiser for our club. Click on the link for the spreadsheet Volunteer Shifts 2017